Friday, January 27, 2012

Pierce is 6, Kade is 4, and...

I didn't blog when my sweet first born turned 6 the way I did when Kade turned 4...So let's talk Pierce Michael Hill for a minute.  I know you have all heard the idea before...Your first born teaches you how to be a Mom.  And this is so very true. You finally realize what your life is all about when you find out you will be a Mom. And the minute you hold that sweet soul, you immediately grow up.  The world stops, and nothing matters except creating a perfect world for your child. And God sure did give Pierce a sweet soul. When he loves, he loves bigger than I have seen. At 6 years old, he is one of the most passionate people I know!  I can honestly say that our boy is a great person and THAT feels really good.
So, when your children are 4 and 6, a question arises in your mind. Are we done having kids? We are pretty well past the baby years, and life is rolling a a fast pace between business, and the kids having their own little schedules now.  Even prior to dating, when we were still just friends, Mike and I talked about having a 'big' family...whatever that meant we didn't know yet.  So now going back to the question, "are we done having kids?" Knowing in my heart I was ready to answer that question, Mike and I started discussing the matter.  It was time to discuss because if we were done,it was time to have Mike have the 'permanent' procedure done (to make life a little easier if ya know what I mean).  So when we started talking that...we immediately realized we were not ready for the permanence. And decided we in fact were not 'done'.  So what does that mean? That means it's time to grow this Hill family again!! Mike and I have always been believers in "There is no time like the present; and details will always work themselves out". And well folks, The very first month we said "ok, what the heck? Let's give it a go"....WE NOW HAVE HILL BABY #3 COOKING! We saw and heard our third baby's strong heart beat yesterday!
Yes, you are reading this correctly! I am pregnant! We closed 2011 with an expansion of the family! As of today, I am heading into my 8th week! Mike and I were able to keep it from Pierce and Kade for a few days when we found out right around New Year's, and then we just couldn't stand it anymore. When we told them they were over the moon! They talk about the baby everyday and are of course, very inquisitive. I absolutely love the clarity that 4 and 6 year old minds bring to situations that adults complicate. Mike asked the boys kind of jokingly, "what are you going to do with a baby around here?!?" They both replied, "Duh, Dad, love it and hug it!!" And that's it. We know we have enough love to go around a family of five and everything else...we will figure out eventually! For now, we will bask in the excitement of my growing belly! Our wonderful families are overjoyed and supportive as always too. We are so lucky to have them all.
I know now-a-days less than 12 weeks is considered early to announce a pregnancy. But we want to be able to stop telling Pierce and Kade they can't tell anyone! We don't want them to feel like they can't be excited and proud. And Mike and I are pretty open people anyway. Oh and one more reason... I wear tight fitting workout clothes daily which already are starting to show my third-time-around uterus wanting to bulge already!! ;)
Pierce has, like Mike with his brothers, a great sense of pride in being the biggest and oldest, the protector. He has been saying often all the ways he will help take care of the baby. And Kade, he is going to be a BIG brother now!! You know he is over the moon about that! Pierce gives me extra hugs around my waist often saying they are for the baby. Kade asks me to open my mouth really big do he can yell into it to the baby things like, "When are you coming out?!?". And of course I let him. Afterall, the ears are developing this week and he or she better get used to Kade yelling.
And now for one of the questions I know you want to ask..."Will I still teach fitness?" 
Of Course I will! This baby will know dancing and dumbbells for sure! Pregnant booties can shake it too!! Just looking a little funny while doing it. I ran 6 days a week pushing Pierce in the jogging stroller all the way to the end with Kade in my belly. And my plan is to still do a Half Marathon in April.  My doc knows what I do and is all for me 'keepin' it up'. 
We are so very thankful for this blessing; there in none so great. We are very excited for what 2012 holds for our little Hill family that maybe I should stop calling little.