Friday, February 10, 2012

Reality Check...

Reality Check...I am not Superwoman :(

With many things in my life...I head into them thinking it will be a breeze because I am tough and brave. And that I am, but every now and then, I have to be reminded that you can be tough and brave but just still not quite super-human.
For instance this pregnancy. Although I taught dance through both pregnancies and ran throughout Kade's, I was not a fitness instructor yet. And was not a Homeschooling Mom to two little boys. When we decided to get pregnant, and the first couple weeks of knowing I was pregnant, I honestly believed I would have no change in the way I felt. I was going to be Supermom... barely grow a basket ball belly like I did with Kade, and stay in my jeans til 7months . When the Dr. asked me if  I had nausea yet at 5 weeks, I relied, "no, remember ,I don't get that! " Well, I should have found some darn wood to knock on!! Because at about 6/7 weeks, nausea and fatigue set in like a storm. The all day kind,not morning. I have to add I have not been vomiting , just nausea. And I certainly have not felt or been myself. A few weeks ago I never would have thought I would have fallen into some of the things I have.
My biggest battle has not been the nausea itself. It has been how  am treating the nausea... by overeating carbs. This accompanied with treating my caffeine addiction with sweets has resulted in some first trimester weight gain that I certainly didn't want or foresee. So here I am at my 10th week already at the weight I thought I'd be at two months from now!
So now that I have mentioned a few negatives, I must move on to positive. Obviously God knows I MUST exercise. Not only is it my income but it is also my love and sanity.  I feel my absolute best during and immediately after my workouts. Not once have I felt like garbage during Fusion, Bootcamp, or an on my own workout.  Now, motivation to get to these things is a little down but once I'm there, I am great! I haven't even had to lower my workouts' intensities or slow my run pace yet. So that's awesome!
So, finding a moral to this...
I have to believe that a false sense of ease will always win over worry or doubt. All of the tremendously gruelling physical challenges I have had in my life, I have always gone into thinking/saying, "Oh this will be a breeze". Were they ? Hell No! But... would I have tackled them if I had known that in advance? Not sure! So..I will stay in my world of overly positive. Because for me, it works. I know I have a long 7 months ahead. And I will take it one hour at a time.
Now excuse me while I go eat another piece of bread ;)