Friday, April 20, 2012

Thank Heaven for Little Boys

Almost 9 years ago when Mike and I started dating, we always said we would have a large family. But did I really picture myself being the mother to his THREE boys? Wow, I am not quite sure!
But my how I am over-joyed that just that is what God has made me. Very early in Motherhood,  I started realizing that God had given me boys to humble me.  Having children brings one down to earth always, but for a very girly girl, boys were just what I needed. Growing up as a dancer and a track runner with only sisters, I was certainly athlete but if you threw a ball or a bug at me, I surely would duck, scream, and run.  That's how girly ;)
Aside from how my personality changed, my soul certainly changed as well. The unconditional love pouring from my sons' eyes was with out a doubt the reason for living now.
I titled this entry, "Thank Heaven for Little Boys". But I also have to thank heaven for Big Boys too. Pierce is 6 and a half now, headed to practice for Kindergarten graduation today. And I am so amazed at the individual he is becoming. With another baby brother on the way, Pierce is definitely my big boy now. He takes so much pride in his role as the leader of his pack.
Counting my blessing this morning. Mainly ones named Michael, Pierce, Kade, and Hyde Hill :)

Easter/Baby Revealment Party

Finding out our baby is Hyde, another brother!!!

Hyde Christopher Hill