Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Baby Boy is 4!!!

When you are pregnant for the first time and when you are in the infant months of your first baby, all of the "old farts" around you are constantly telling you how quickly time goes by and they are grown in the blink of an eye. It takes you experiencing that "where has time gone" to know exactly what all the "old farts" are talking about.
Where did four years go???!!!
I know where...
It went to every day of our lives being more and more fun, rich, and blessed. 
I remember it like it was yesterday...Sept. 13th 2007. Waking up at the exact same time of morning that I had with Pierce, 5:00am. Knowing what I felt were contractions, I excitedly got up and got in the shower thinking how amazing our day was about to be, not waking Mike until about 6:00am.  We called Mike's mom to come over; she was designated to keep Pierce at home until it drew closer to time. Everyone was smiles from ear to ear. Pure excitement vs. nervousness like the first time around when you are scared out of your wits.  I should have been scared out of my wits though. For this go round my goal/plan was to have Kade 100% drug free. And I did.  But we will get to that :)
At the hospital, the nurses station told me I was too happy to be in labor and I probably would be sent home.  They were wrong. I was in active labor by about noon.  Mike and I walked up and down the halls over and over again trying to keep me progressing well. And, it's what I wanted to do.  Finally, around 2:00pm the pain was enough to make my smile go away so we stayed in the room. ( so those nurses wouldn't see me frown!! I win!!) And let the family know they could head up to the hospital. Props to them for keeping our 21 month Pierce entertained for the next 3 hours. 
As the pain grew stronger and stronger, I became more and more emotional. I wanted Pierce in the room with us but didn't want him to see me in pain or cry.  I did a lot of rocking back and forth on the birthing ball ( yes it's an ab ball) while my incredible husband held my shoulders. Going back to Pierce and Kade's births now, I look at them as endurance challenges Mike and I took on together :) He is Mr.Calm. Anyone want to borrow him for L and D? At this point I was still staying strong and confident in my decision to do this with no epidural.
I love my Dr. so much. She let me know it was about to get tough by dimming the lights and giving me her calming eye contact frequently. My sister, Mom, and Mother in Law joined us in the room This was at about 4-4:15.  The next 45 minutes were very, very dark. It was the most pain this body has ever felt. Nervous eyes of my family looked at me with love and awe. Mike did everything in his power to make me comfortable. This is where the "What the Hell was thinking?" set in. And as our midwife told us I would, I started begging for that epidural. And as he was instructed to do, Mike looked at me and sternly, yet lovingly said, "This is what you want, you can and will do this".  So, I made everyone in the room shut up, and dug deeper in my soul than I ever had before to make it through transition (8-10cm).  When I told my Dr. I thought it was time, she believed me and I got off the ball and onto the bed.   Once I got up onto the bed, Kade was born and in a few short minutes. It was 5:05pm.  Immediately all of my pain was gone and complete euphoria set it. Every thought and feeling was, and still is, so clear in my mind because I didn't have anything in my body to make things foggy like they were when I had Pierce when I did have a epidural. ( If I had to do it all over again, I would still choose natural.) My big 8 and a half pound baby boy,  Kade Joseph,  was here, healthy,  and I had survived.  Within a  half of an hour I was up, walking, nursing, and we were introducing him to his big brother, Pierce. It was love at first sight with those two.  Even at just 21 months old, Pierce showed pride in his new best friend. No words to describe your first born meeting your second born, watching those two miracles look at each other.  

Everything at the hospital went great, Mike stayed with us the first night, and Britt (who had drove all the way to Memphis after hearing I was in labor) stayed with us the second night. Coming home with 2 boys was surreal. Those are the kind of scenes you picture in your head but when they happen, they far exceed your expectations. Pierce and Kade have a bond like no other. They love to the max and yes, fight to the max. Not many things as a parent are more rewarding than seeing your children love each other deeply, and show pride in each other.  When Kade got on his bike and rode it without training wheels this summer, Pierce looked like he was going to explode with pride and joy.  Kade was a true and through #1 fan at Pierce's first Triathlon. Never once asking when it was his turn. Just genuinely happy for his big brother. 
offering his baby bro a bite ;)

Kade, my headstrong little lover. I love you more than you will ever ever know in your lifetime. Thank you for making our world even more amazing!

 Happy Happy Fourth Birthday Kade Joseph !!!


  1. What a great post. I had both of my boys the all natural way...a decision I had made before I was ever even pregnant. For much of the same reason you did...I wanted to be completely present for their births and in tune with my body. I must say that Charlie was so much more painful than Jacob...so I know what you went through. I would do it all again in a heartbeat. Happy Birthday to Kade. He is so blessed to have all of you in his life.

  2. Erica! So glad I found your blog. This was such a sweet story. I started blogging right after Ellie was born and have kind of become addicted to it:) I totally think my epidural is what lead to so many complications I had with Ellie. Next time I am doing my best to be drug free. Hope to see you at the reunion!