Friday, September 30, 2011


So, why the quotation marks? Here is why...
The thing that I have really come to realize over the past month is that now that we are homeschooling, life is... not much different than it has been for the Hills leading up to August. Our time spent working on Language, Math, etc just now has a LABEL. It used to be "lets work on our words or numbers " and now it is "let's do our school work" as far as the time sitting down at the desks or the tables. ( the desks that Santa built for the boys have now proved awesome!) And there is also so much education going on away from the desks and tables as well, (i.e. our outings, sports,  and Art class)  that now are respected more as a double activity. Fun and Education.
THIS is where our little family belongs. 200% we know this. Both Kade and Pierce have blown my mind in the past month of what they are learning and retaining. And doing it together is all the more rewarding.

Thank You so very much to everyone who has supported us. We appreciate your love and acceptance.  Just a short blog today that I did not proof read. Just wanted to let you all know we are LOVING our decision to educate at home. :)

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