Friday, November 18, 2011

MMMmmmmmarathon Prequel ;)

A lot of my job as a personal trainer, and group fitness instructor is helping my clients find ways to "heart and mind over matter" whatever the obstacle at hand is. We can all be just a little bigger and stronger than anything that lies in our way as long as we think we can.  I do owe a lot of this- sounding like an old inspirational CD on repeat- to my Mom. She is the one that helped me chant, "I think I can", as I did anything that was difficult for me from as far back a I can remember. As I grew into a pre-teen and she was still trying to make us all sing, "I am woman, hear me roar" while trying to put up a tent together....It all became corny and cheesy to me.  And there were definitely times, even a short ago as when I was in labor with my two boys, that I wanted to throw something at her head for being SO positive when I felt SO low.  But ya know worked!! Always.. "it" works.  Being "glass half full" will always accomplish more than "glass half empty".   For the next two weeks and one day, I will think of and repeat to myself every positive, inspiring, motivational saying that I have heard from my Mom or anywhere else in my 28 years.
Maybe tomorrow I will not feel this nervous. This week, I have been very nervous about my morning on Dec. 3rd. I know my body is strong, which I am so very thankful for. I know I WILL cross the finish line and get my medal.  I also KNOW it will be hard! The running books, blogs, etc. are right one thing for sure... Marathon training is every bit as much for your mind as it is for your body.  Three, Four, heck maybe even 5 hours of running is a long dang time!
So...why do it?  to make a long answer short...  Why Not??!!
I think life challenges keep us human, humble, and limitless.
I sure hope I finish as strong as my Pierce can!! ;)

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