Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Everything Happens For a Reason

Life Ain't Always Easy...But we always survive!

The last week of July, as I was heading into my final month of pregnancy, Mike found out that his position as Operations Coordinator of the FedEx St.Jude Classic was going to be be condensed with another position for the following year. Being a non-profit...the decision was made by the board and not a lot could be done by the people that worked directly with him . They thought it was only fair to give the new position to someone who had been with the tournament 7+ years. Knowing that this scenario was possible, he had a backup plan...well long story...that fell through. And here we were weeks away from me not working, with Mike no 'day job' income. ( he still had his side work of landscaping and fitness) July 30th was his last paycheck from the tournament.
Let me add that the day after we found out this news was Pierce's bike/head accident...
First anger, then fear, then tears, then SURVIVAL MODE! Being the hardest working man I know, Mike got out and landed several great landscaping projects.  And of course started looking for another career route. He is great at anything he does so his options are wide...but it's still a long process of opportunity and interviewing and such.  As the days/weeks ticked by, drawing closer to Hyde's arrival, we did become more and more nervous about finances but trusted everything would work out. On paper, we HAD to have him get a paycheck on 9/30.
The entire month of August, though it wasn't ideal financially, Mike was able to spend abundances of quality time with Pierce and Kade. Doing things like school work and outings with them he normally doesn't get too.  I had even more help around the house than he already does during my exhausted 9th month of pregnancy.  And I was blessed to even work my 9th month! Considering what my work is!
When I hit 37 weeks Mike had made it to a third interview with a company that was his top pick out of a few that had called him back for 2nd interviews. At 37.5 weeks, he accepted an offer from them. A great offer. A position that is right up his alley and ideal for our schedules. At 38.5 weeks, Hyde arrived!!!! Hyde came at the PERFECT time. We got Kade's birthday celebration in the day before he was born. He did not come on his due date, the 13th, which is Kade's birthday! And he came just early enough for Dad to be home for the first couple weeks!AND Mommy was able to teach up until 24hrs before his birth! Not sure if I could have taught all the way til the 13th :)
Though it was one of the HARDEST motnhs of our marriage...financially strapped, 9 months pregnant, etc... him being at home turned out to be such a blessing!  And it all has worked out in the end! He has been able to be at home with us these first 2 weeks of Hyde being at home and starts his new position as Operations Manager of the Memphis Towne Park accounts downtown on this Friday.  Not all Dads get 2 weeks off with their newborn and family, though they should! I could not be more proud of him.  He ALWAYS comes through for our family. ALWAYS. I couldn't ask for more.  
Today we went and purchased and fitted Mike for some new suits because he will need to wear suits a few times a week for this new job. Total hotty!!! :) The sales lady thought so too.. she kept commenting on all the tailoring that "athletic, muscular, V-built men need". "suits aren't built for men as in shape as you" ;)
When life throws us curve balls ( we Hills have had several thrown our way), it's hard to remember that the clouds WILL part soon enough and in hind sight, we will always be able to see the reason that it happen.

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  1. God always provides a blessing in/thru/after a trial. ALWAYS! just keep giving Him the glory, girl!