Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hyde's Birth Story: Part 2

Becoming a Mother of Three

Today Hyde is one week old! We celebrated by taking him on his first trip to the park. The big boys wanted to walk with me and Hyde to help push :)  ( they usually ride their bikes)

Part of the miracle of life is the immediate, unconditional love you feel for your baby, and the strength that is given to a woman each time they give birth.  When Hyde was in my belly, I pictured what life would be like loving, teaching, mothering three kids. But you really just do not know until you have your baby in your arms, and take them home.
First of all, I thank God for trusting me to bring another child into this world. The past week has been filled with mostly, thankfulness and love. "Too blessed to be stressed". Sure taking care of a newborn requires a lot.  But is there anything in life that is rewarding yet easy? No. Plus, the third time around there are little to no nervous parent emotions so the whole process is much more lax.

 I am in total happiness with my current days of doing nothing but nursing, changing, bathing, and snuggling. ( of course with walks snuck in while Hyde is asleep with Dad) All the while enjoying all of this time with my big boys too!  I now can fully grasp what our new life is like.  It does not make me nervous in one bit... this is where our family was meant to be and I am excited waking up every single morning for our new day as a family of five!  It feels like he has always been here! I am sure he has been in our hearts from day one of The Hills.  Mike and I see so much of Pierce and Kade in Hyde. The three of their heart strings are definitely already tied tightly in knots together.  Hyde was immediately part of team Hill in their book ;)  It took them a few days to get used to him crying.  They would tear up themselves because they thought he was hurting.  Pierce was very upset when Hyde went to go get circumsized. He begged us not to... His Biggest Brother role was immediate! And Kade is very ready for Hyde to be able to play!

I don't even know how to express how much I love my Hyde Hill!! Well I could express it with how much I love Pierce and Kade Hill!! I have always said... kids do not share one big bucket of love from their parents...each have their own bucket :) No one ever goes without.

What a wonderful first week as a family of 5!!!


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